About Manchoir

Manchoir is an eclectic mix of comedians, actors, journalists, tradesmen, musicians and the odd singer that have one objective in common – to bang out rock with their voices and have a great time (and probably a drink). They generally keep their clothes on and behave themselves and, despite their rough exterior, enjoy long walks on the beach and listening to women’s needs.*

Manchoir started up as just a bunch of blokes getting together once a week to have a beer and a sing, but it has become much more than that. Since poking their hirsute heads out of the privacy of their rehearsal room, they have become a highly sought after unique a cappella ensemble. They could pop up anywhere to share their singlet-wearing, beautifully harmonised yet undeniably manly act with you. Yes – YOU.

Hailed as being “like Human Nature, but there are lots more of them and also they are nothing like Human Nature.” Their inspiration (and in fact all their songs) come from artists such as Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Queen, Metallica, The Divinyls, and The Soggy Bottom Boys. Add beer, comedy, a bit of creative license, occasional swearwords and devilish good looks* and you have a Manchoir show.

The philosophy: singing is something that can be done anywhere, by anyone (even chicks). Some of Manchoir’s favourite places to sing are over the BBQ, in the shower, in the car, at a football match, at the pub and most of all, in other people’s faces. It is strongly recommended that you DO try this at home.

Meet The Band


Wayne is buff. Like, 84kgs of proper buff.

His hobbies include being awesome, listening to Cat Stevens and expanding his collection of stubbie holders.


A.K.A Tree Man, so called due to his low IQ and inclination to invite people to punch him as hard as they can in the stomach when he is drunk.

Nezzo’s interests include staring at walls, trying to eat things that shouldn’t be eaten, children’s TV and small animals.

It is unclear how he ended up being in MANCHOIR, but he has always been there and besides noone having the heart to kick him out, he can kinda sing.

Nick ‘Angel’ Foran

Looks can be deceiving when it comes to Nick. He may look like he just got out of prison (we don’t know if that’s true or not), but Nick will make sweet love to your ears…with his voice.

Nick is not only the youngest member of the group but paradoxically also the baldest and the most hairy.

Stu Subotic

Dave Williams

“Dave Williams is the best. If you don’t know that, then I’m here to tell you about it” - Dave Williams

Duncan Disorderly Fellows

A night of heated passion between Dexter The Love Robot from Perfect Match and an as yet un-named cheerleader from the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles NRL Franchise brought Duncan in to the world.
Often found recreating scenes from Australia’s colonial history at the now defunct Old Sydney Town site, Duncan has developed a religion based around Bachelor Girls classic hit “Permission to Shine”.

Ghetto Dave

Often found scavenging through trash cans or picking fights with packs of stray dogs.

This curious creature is quite curious about creatures and constantly questions the questionable nature of his Manchoir predicament.

Like many members before him, he was told that complimentary food was aplenty and the singlets were free.

Dangerous Dave

When he’s not throwing back live grenades or jumping out of hot air balloons strapped to wedgetail eagles Dangerous Dave is keeping rhythm in Manchoir

An old school karaoke addict and professionally unfunny Dangerous provides a bit of Yang to the Ying of the lineup.

All great comedy acts need a straight man and none come straighter than me mate Dangerous

Tom “Rolly” Oakley

D.O.B 18/01/1980
1989 Greenstick fracture
1990 3 broken fingers
1991 4 stitches above eye
1992 7 stitches in chin
1993 Cracked 5th rib
1995 8 stitches in hand.
1997 Fractured patella.
1999 Torn right hamstring
2001 Attacked by bees
2003 Lateral ankle sprain
2004 Dislocated left shoulder
2006 Bird Flu.
2007 Appendix removed,

Angus Huntsdale

Hailing from the rural oasis of Wagga Wagga, Gus feels most at home in the company of bearded men in shearing singlets. Until now, Gus was most famous for starring as a child in a TV commercial for Chicken Supreme – a country restaurant chain that closed down shortly after the advertisement went to air. He is hopeful that his recent inclusion in Manchoir won’t spell the end for Australia’s favourite choir of mans.

Massive Marko Malesvic

Over-consumption of dairy products and general laziness in childhood means that Marko is currently the tallest member of Manchoir, and the easiest to spot.

His singing abilities place him firmly in the poor to average bracket of the Manchoir talent pool, however, this is made up for by Marko’s unblemished rehearsal attendance record.

Marko has no other hobbies, or friends and is the token Eastern European.

Jazz Twemlow

Jazz was born as a hirsute chest that gradually sprouted other human parts, some of which could produce sound. Ticking both of the criteria necessary to join Manchoir (”chest hair” and “noise”).

He fled the UK, swam to Sydney, surviving for years on ocean-born krill he sifted through his beard. He is rumoured to have once sang so hard at a whale that it drowned.

He has now learnt Australian and is an integral part of the Manchoir lineup.

Disco-Matt MC

Australian Comedian & Actor, Matt Okine, is a regular on Australian TV shows having appeared on the likes of Rove Live, All Saints, Sea Patrol, Can of Worms, Tractor Monkeys and Dirty Laundry Live. He won the Best Newcomer award at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2012, and followed it up with a sold out season the following year. He is also total boss, and has a vocal range that makes Paverotti look like the lead singer of Nickelback.

Dorje Swallow

Dorje sings like he plays. hard. he’s always been the guy who you wanted next to you. in the trenches. playing. hard. If there’s a note there to be hit, he hits it. hard. unless you want it hit softly. then he can stroke it. softly.

And then he sneaks up behind you, and hits you. hard. ish. Not enough to do any lasting damage, mind you.

have you been hit yet?

do you even remember?

He does.

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